About Us

The logo-small-titoli project

il The iGien Project spreads the culture of hygiene and cleaning, promotes the association between the cleany and well-being, respecting the other people, protecting health and preventing diseases.
Making the ambiance more pleasant and serene, respecting the rights of who lives there and frequents them.

The IGIEN brand pays a lot attention to healthiness as added value and to the improvement of our lives’ quality inside the workplaces, production, food transformation and distribution, shopping places, swimming pools, and schools, where we live everyday.

IGIEN is the symbol of self care, of lived ambiances, attention to the product and the used service.

IGIEN spreads the good practices, sensitizes, educates, leads to the adoption of new habits, lifestyles, attitudes, affirms the awareness of the healthiness needing inside the ambiances where we spend our time, contributing to improve our well being and health.

IGIEN invests in products’ DESIGN and aesthetical quality, in MOTIVATIONAL COMMUNICATION and innovative MARKETING, EXPLOITS the activity of partners who care about their customers paying attention of their well being, offering in the meantime the opportunity of grow up.

IGIEN cares a lot about the environment, in fact, it uses geen products and SAVING water, paper and electricity procedures.

IGIEN everything starts from your hands, because “the hand is the real organ of civilization, the initiator of human evolution and the principal element of our values and emotion communication” (Ernst Fischer).

IGIEN keeps going on with a lot of product for hygene and the care of daylife spaces…